Quora Hack: Secret Tips to Get More Visitors To Your Etobicoke SEO Page


One question people usually ask me is Eric how can I generate traffic with Quora?

Well, I have some good news for you. I can show you how to generate a substantial amount of traffic with Quora. So the first way to generate traffic is you go and look for every single person who is asking questions related to your industry and you answer them.

Also in Toronto many people are doing SEO and they just all want to know how to use Quora, but before we get deeper into this topic I should explain to you what Quora is so you have a better idea. Quora is a Q&A website where people go and ask questions on any topic. It could be a question like "How do I rank on page on for Etobicoke SEO on Google?' or like "Who are the top internet marketers in the world?". You can literally ask anything you want there are no rules. So now that we've got that out of the way.

Quora is a really popular Q&A site.

It's one of the most popular sites on the internet and like I said before the way you get traffic on Quora is you answer questions. So you do searches on Quora related keywords to your industry. You want to then go and answer each question. By answering each question, you'll build up your authority and you'll grow in popularity. This helps to generate a bit of traffic but this isn't the best way because it's not scalable. This is more to generate your branding.

  • Using snippets or excerpts in Quora

The next strategy is pretty cool because if you already have a blog chances are you've answered a lot of these questions, so why not review your blog post and take snippets or excerpts that are relevant that answer the questions on Quora. Then what you do is you put these on Quora and you link back over to your blog whenever it makes sense to do so. This strategy will work amazingly well so take advantage of it.

  • Linking back to your blog

This is by far the best strategy I've got more traffic to my Etobicoke SEO page using this technique than any other way. So here it is copying and pasting from your blog that already answers a question and linking back. Plus adding in unique content just for the Quora audience. It doesn't have to be a lot just a few sentences. You combine both of them, link back and you do this consistently. You'll get a ton of traffic. Now, most of you are probably trying to figure out, how do I get a lot of upvotes. The key isn't to be popular on Quora to get a lot of upvotes the best strategy is you just go find the most popular questions, you go look at the best answers, you give a more in-depth answer than that, you also link over to your site when relevant. Key is not to shove the link in unless it's relevant and you're naturally going to get more upvotes, than everyone else and you can climb to the top.

That's the strategy to get a ton a traffic on Quora it works well your not going to be making millions of dollars on Quora, but I did find that the more you give the more you get.

Quora Hack: Secret Tips to Get More Visitors To Your Etobicoke SEO Page

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